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Geetma Foundation

Geetma Social Foundation established in the year 2017 with the aim to establish uniformity in the rural population.

Geetma Social Foundation

Geetma Social Foundation established in the year 2017 with the aim to establish uniformity in the rural population.

Financial Inclusion is described as the method of offering banking and financial solutions and services to every individual in the society without any form of discrimination. It primarily aims to include everybody in the society by giving them basic financial services without looking at a person’s income or savings. Financial inclusion chiefly focuses on providing reliable financial solutions to the economically underprivileged sections of the society without having any unfair treatment. It intends to provide financial solutions without any signs of inequality. It is also committed to being transparent while offering financial assistance without any hidden transactions or costs.

The Members of the Society are engaged in developing Banking habits of mass population and trying to seeking an opportunity to spread awareness of Financial Literacy to the underserved population.

Financial inclusion wants everybody in the society to be involved and participate in financial management judiciously. There are many poor households in India that do not have any access to financial services in the country. They are not aware of banks and their functions. Even if they are aware of banks, many of the poor people do not have the access to get services from banks. They may not meet minimum eligibility criteria laid by banks and hence, they will not be able to secure a bank’s services. Banks have requirements such as minimum income, minimum credit score, age criteria, and minimum years of work experience. A bank will provide a deposit or a loan to an applicant only if he or she meets these criteria. Many of the poor people may be unemployed without any previous employment record due to lack of education, lack of resources, lack of money, etc. These economically underprivileged people of the society may also not have proper documents to provide to the banks for verification of identity or income. Every bank has certain mandatory documents that need to be furnished during a loan application process or during a bank account creation process. Many of these people do not have knowledge about the importance of these documents. They also do not have access to apply for government-sanctioned documents. Financial inclusion aims to eliminate these barriers and provide economically priced financial services to the less fortunate sections of the society so that they can be financially independent without depending on charity or other means of getting funds that are actually not sustainable. Financial inclusion also intends to spread awareness about financial services and financial management among people of the society. Moreover, it wants to develop formal and systematic credit avenues for the poor people. For several years, only the middle and high classes of the society procured formal types of credit. Poor people were forced to rely on unorganised and informal forms of credit. Many of them were uneducated and did not have basic knowledge about finance and hence, they got cheated by the greedy and rich people of the society. Several poor people have been exploited for years in the context of financial assistance.

Our Great Team

Neemesh Gupta

The president of the geetma social foundation.

Arvind kumar karkhur
Arvind kumar karkhur
Vice President

Ex. Life insurance BC channel and the Vice president of the geetma social foundation.

Suresh Gupta

The Secretary of geetma social foundation.

Rahul Dubey
Joint secretary

The Joint secretary of geetma social foundation.